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(plus they look cool.) running backs and receivers in particular need to be concerned with the safety of their eyes, as they often have defenders in their faces. 3.6 out of 5 stars.

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40% off 2nd pair of prescription eyewear | code: A new partnership between eyewear company oakley and the nfl enables players to attach prizm clear shields to their helmets for enhanced visibility and maximum optical clarity during games.

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Choose from top brands like hilco, liberty sport, bolle, and more.Eyeshields and visors have become increasingly popular in football over the years with everyone from youth players to nfl pros.Football visors are made of a single piece of curved material attached to the helmet, which is also how football helmet visors prevent injury.Football visors made to fit the riddell speedflex helmets, schutt, xenith.

However, because of the curve and the distance from the eye, it’s not possible to make corrective visors.I can’t remember the details, but i’m sure it was uber expensive.I didn’t think they could make these.I know that some of the schools out here in texas will tell the students where to purchase an insert that snaps in the helmet for the prescription lenses.

I’ve contacted some sports departments at some universities and.I’ve wanted a perscription sheild for years now!It is proof to coaches and league officials that you have a medical need to wear the visor during games, so be sure to keep it with your gear in case it ever comes into question.Kick off a new season with new oakley football shields and the oakley ® nfl collection featuring styles available for all 32 teams.

Learn why prescription football visors can’t be made and why football goggles are the answer.Nike gridiron eye shield 2.0 with decals.Nike gridiron youth eye shield 2.0 with decals.No sales tax, free shipping over $75, and a certified optician on site.

Optional lens tints allow the player to precisely tune light transmission for game conditions, offering yet another competitive advantage with oakley® technology.important note:Our doctor finished an exam with a football player here at college.Prescription available in most styles.Prescription football goggles designed for optimized play on the field.

Prescription football goggles review whether its stray elbows, fingers, ball, mud or dust and debris blown by the wind, your eyes are exposed out on the field, and a good pair of prescription goggles for football can protect your eyes throughout the game.Prescription football visors are available for athletes with less than perfect vision.Prescription goggles for helmet sports such as football, lacrosse, hockey and baseball.Prescription sports glasses report better response times and accuracy when compared to their counterparts that don’t wear prescription sports glasses but normally require regular glasses.

Rec specs (liberty sport) msrp:Seen a couple of those, been a long while though since i’ve seen one.Shields may not be returned if used / mounted to a helmet.Shoc is the leading provider for sport helmet equipment provider for visors for 20 years.

Something was making me think that a helmet manufacturer was working on this for the open wheel racers.The prescription in this case is not an authorization to purchase, but a license to use.The problem is that shields sit so far from the face and so curved that massive measurements need to be done to compensate the prescription for the angles and distances a.The short answer is no, the technology doesn’t exist for this.

They provide seamless tint adaptation, visual quality and optimal protection.This allows a player to see properly without the need of glasses, contact lenses or other corrective lenses.Transitions ® light intelligent shields automatically adapt to the optimal tint in all light conditions and are clear at night and dark smoke in bright light.Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create prescription football visors.

Unfortunately, no company can manufacture prescription football visors.Unlike glasses, a prescription visor is unlikely to fall off during the course of rough play.Wayne chumbley, head of oakley’s vision performance lab, told sports illustrated that prizm is a “light management” technology.We are often asked if football shields can be in prescription.

Weetect can custom football visors such as tinted football visors, mirror football visor, clear mirrored football visor, smoke visor, photochromic visor and other iridium colored visors.Weetect helmet visor is an optical class 1 custom injection molded visor.When i worked in the wholesale labs we would do them along with diving mask inserts and welders helmet inserts.:)Whether you need recreational prescription sports glasses, sport goggles or have strong prescription requirements, your sight is our top priority.